Many an adventurer has fallen pray to an ambush at a river crossing or has stumbled across an occupied cave whilst seeking shelter or has unwittingly fallen into a hidden nest to find themselves confronted by a hungry Troll: With mottled skin, hunched shoulders, straggly hair and hideous features.

The flesh of a Troll is densely corded and flexible and often inherits the traits of its surroundings resulting in a highly varied appearance amongst the different groups. You might find yourself in the hills fighting a grey Stone Troll, your blade having trouble penetrating its thick hide, a swamp Troll may have a green, moss covered skin - a River Troll may have budding sapling branches growing from it, amalgamations of plant and fungus are an often noticed feature within the sub-species the race.

Long gangly limbs ending in elongated hands armed with twisted bone-tipped claws are terrible weapons, capable of shredding jerkins and raking wounds across its victims body. Often a troll will injure its prey and then stalk it from afar, with their ungainly gait they wear the weary party down.

Trolls automatically regenerate their health at an unimaginable rate, able to heal wounds quickly over time, their amazing endurance results in a foe who can prove incredibly difficult to defeat. Indeed any severed limbs can continue to fight after amputation from the body, even after death.

Only fire and acid cause permanent damage to trolls. These forms of attack can severely hamper its regenerative capability.

Often solitary creatures with little real history to speak of the Troll is usually thought of as a nightmare creature in stories to frighten children into going to bed. Travellers be warned! There be Trolls here.


  • Higher natural WC
  • Increased Hit points per point of Con
  • Increased base Hit points
  • Increased carrying capacity
  • Regeneration
  • Naturally high Strength
  • Higher satiation levels
  • Infravision


  • Naturally very low Dex
  • Naturally very low Int
  • Naturally very low Wis
  • Lower Spell points per point of Int
  • Lower base spell points
  • Vulnerable to acid and fire
  • Large creature

Racial WeaponsEdit

Trolls use their hulking size and extended reach to devasting effect while wielding two-handed weapons and the favoured weapon of a savage Troll is a gnarled old club, swung wildly to break the limbs of its enemy.

Preferred ClassesEdit

Being not too bright, Trolls generally stick to what they know best, which consists of bludgeoning prey to death and this basic instinct lends itself well to life as a furious barbarian or as a simplistic warrior.