The village of Santyre is peaceful and quiet - isn't it? Old Father Mork obviously didn't think so and recorded some disturbing findings in his diary. Unfortunately, he fled soon after and his diary was lost. Your task is to recover the diary, and act upon the information contained within!


pleasant meadow s,s,e of santyre gate, search reeds, get diary


You open the diary and begin to read. It must have been written by an alchemist as most of it details his experiments and is very technical! However one page is different:

'I have discovered there may be great evil at work in this peaceful village of Santyre! I have only heard the name, but to my ears it has a magical and sinister sound! The name is 'kall'd'izar', at least that is how I write it down. It is almost certainly the name of a demon of the Warp! I have written a spell into the pages of this book that will allow anyone who reads this to pronounce the name correctly. If you are brave and true of heart you will investigate this and destroy the demon, if it exists! Myself, I am off into the forest to escape while I still can! Old Father Mork.'

You feel a little wiser for reading these words... perhaps for the better?