Yak has a problem, a pest control problem! The Trollrats from the Temple of Doom have stolen a very valuable artifact from Yak's House to give to their god, the Great Horned Rat.

Yak's maid is desperate to get it back before Yak returns from his round the world trip!

What are you waiting for? If you need more information ask the maid.


Yak's House

> say can I help? You say: can I help? > Maid says: I would be most grateful if you could help me! Yak has been working on a new everlasting toilet roll, but it has been stolen by the rats from the Temple of Doom! Maid says: You must return the toilet roll and flush it away before anyone discovers how it is made! Maid says: Or Yak will turn both of us into something really horrible, like a mud player!

under bridge, enter hole

	|                                  |
	|        THE TEMPLE OF DOOM        |
	|                                  |
	| Your doom that is, if you do not |
	| belong here and dare trespass!   |
	|                                  |
	| By order of:                     |
	|     The Great Horned Rat God     |
	|                                  |