Paladins are an advanced class to play, they are not suitable for a new or inexperienced player. Their combat is based on alignment and they specialise in fighting opponents who have low alignment (especially evil and demonic). At higher levels they gain the ability to summon a steed which they can equip and ride into battle against the forces of darkness. Paladins also gain access to abilities and spells as they advance to help them on their path. Paladins must also beware if their own alignment falls too far they can lose their powers.

Armour and WeaponsEdit

Paladins can wear any types of armor, although they can wield any weapon, they specialize in long blades and bludgeoning weapons.

Class GuildEdit

The Paladins guild lies close to the east gate of Cormallen in the nobles district of the city.

Suitable RacesEdit

Most statistics are useful to a paladin, they especially need high Wisdom for their powers: Human, Dwarf, Beastman