The Isle of Skarnul was once a living paradise. Now it is known only as the 'Isle of the Dead'. What went wrong?

Stories tell of safe passage from the southeast. Or you might try a more high-flying route!




Dear Adventurer,

It has been a long time since my ghostly form has wandered past the shores of my beloved island, but recent events have led me to make this long and arduous trek so that I might warn you. Strange lights have been seen around the old abandoned tower and I fear that Utonia may have done something. A strange mist has been making its way steadily eastwards towards our charming town and I have a feeling that it may affect us all. The mist has already tried to consume the abbey, but strong will seems to be holding it at bay, stronger than I have ever felt before. We are entering uncertain times adventurer, I beg that you tread carefully when you come to visit our beautiful island.

My regards Heathcliff, Clerk of the Bank of Skarnul.