The human kingdoms are a complex hive of classes, politics, royalty, money, betrayal, honour, loyalties, feuds, marriages and wars. From the temples of Shangreen to the great cities and towns of Sardonyx, Brithos and Cormallen, the human is the most prevalent species to walk upon the face of Zebedee.

The lifespan of a human is but a blink in the eye for elf and dwarf, even greenskins would manage to live longer if they were ever able to die from natural causes. This brief flicker of life, this finite sliver of time is the spark which ignites the fiery spirit that drives humans to succeed to such a degree that they accomplish in years what it takes the elder races decades to achieve. The human mage learns at a geometric rate, the muscle memories of thieves and warriors are so attuned it allows them to perfect the most complex of movements both subtle and exaggerated in a fraction of the time it would take both irda and drow to master.

Human beings accumulate experiences faster than anyone else, many eons ago the elves noticed this trait within the species and made note to watch the strange, hairy people. Their short span upon this world drives them into a constant frenzy (from the perspective of those who live for millennia), the need to accumulate knowledge, learn new skills, feel all emotions and gain understanding of their environment compels them ever onwards.

It has long been observed that while hindered and restricted by the aging process, man has steadily and surely started to take over the realms. The elder races procreate rarely and their numbers have slowly declined as the centuries tick by, some have reached out to teach the younger race but find that unlike 'evil orcs' or 'good elves' humans are both and neither.

In fact many races openly shun humans and argue that there is no point in befriending any as the next time you visit they will have wasted away and past on, you would then need to start relations all over again with their children... or grand children, tedious to say the least.


  • Experience gained more rapidly, 10% quicker than the other races.


  • None

Racial WeaponsEdit

Humans are generalists, performing equally well with all weapons. This does have the unfortunate side effect of making the warriors of other races much better with their more limited racial specializations.

Preferred ClassesEdit

Humans are highly adaptable, this trait allows them to become satisfactory casters and be reasonably effective in melee combat. They will never have the innate bonuses that the other races are born with, yet they possess a natural desire to learn, to advance and to become greater than their peers. Often striving to rise in position and better themselves, mankind is unlike other races in that they instinctively understand that anything is possible.