Feelings are shortcut commands for performing some emote as your character. Since Zebedee is a social game, you will often use these commands to provide a more immersive conversation.

List of FeelingsEdit

accuse dance homwell point spam ack dead hop poke spit afk dice hug ponder spring agree died hulk pounce squeal amylaar disagree hump pout squeeze apologize doh idle powerslap squirm applaud doom iquit prod stare argue drool jump pub stomp arrange duck kick puke strange back english kiss punch strangle bang euj knee purr stroke banzai eureka kneel puzzle strut bbl facepalm lag rabies stumped bbs faint laugh raise sulk be fart lick rant swear beam fcs listen roar tackle beckon fear lol roll tamsyn belch flex love ruffle tap belgarath flip march run thank bitch flutter minx salute think blink fondle mmm sarcasm threaten blush french moan sausage thrust boggle frown moo scratch tickle boo gasp moose scream tigger bop gibber mop shake titter boss giggle mosh shiver tongue bounce glare mumble shrug trap bow glee mutter shudder twiddle brb gloat narf shush twirl burp glove nerfbat sigh urw bye glum newbie sing useless cackle greet nibble sit vengeance cheer grin nod skip vordak choo groan nostra slap wait chuckle grope notitter sleep wave clap grovel nudge smile welcome cod growl nuzzle smirk whine comfort grumble omd smooch whistle complain guitar ome smug wibble congratulate gulp omg snap wiggle cool haddock oo snarl wink cough handbag ooer sneeze wobble cower have pace snicker woo cried hiccup panda sniff worship cringe highfive panic snigger yawn cry hmm pat snore zoidberg cuddle hny piggyback snort zorro curtsey hold plead snuggle