A mighty beast is said to be terrorising the inhabitants of the Forgotten Town. Your task is to find it and eliminate it for them. But be warned, this beast has killed many a warrior and is feared throughout the land. It may not be wise to go alone. You may reap valuable rewards should you succeed in your quest.


To start the quest you need to first get into the Forgotten Town. Travel north until you find Cavern Way, and head east down Sorcerer Lane and north until you find a building to enter. Here you will find the Forgotten Sorceror.


The sorcerer will tell you of his plight, and ask if you want to help. If you are in a party, you can type "apply" and all members of the party will get a dragonkiller's license.

Finding the DragonEdit

go to the end or sorcery lane and go west through the gap in the tunnel wall. Head north and west

when you reach the water, get an empty bag and dive.

Fighting the DragonEdit

You enter the cavern and see Ancient multi-hued dragon, which will attack you immediately.

He uses Fire and Frost, and hits very hard. A level 20 character should be an even match for it.

Completing the QuestEdit

after killing dragon, take head to sorceror

show head to sorceror

He will give you a Feather of Dragonslaying.