Please note! The actions you take while attempting a quest are logged. If you perform a quest perfectly, it will be apparent you are not figuring out the quest on your own, and you may end up punished or banned.

Try to solve them yourself first!

After level 5, players are required to complete quests to progress further.

You only need 30 quest points to achieve level 20.


Quests range from epic adventures to simple treasure hunts. Unfortunately experience alone is not enough to allow you to advance in the world of Zebedee. You need to complete Quests as well.

To see information on the quests try typing 'quest' in the Adventurers Guild, this will also tell you how many Quest Points you have achieved so far and how many (if any) more you require in order to advance. (You do not have to complete every available Quest).

It is normally a good idea to try and accumulate Quest Points gradually rather than advancing until you need them as some Quests can take some effort to solve.

Some idea of the difficulty of a Quest can be gained by looking at its Quest Points value. Quests of up to 2 or 3 points are suitable for all levels. Quests worth 4, 5, or 6 points are suitable for those who have achieved medium levels and higher Quests are often only suitable for the higher level characters.

You will sometimes find a monster will respond to someone who says 'quest' in the same room as it, even they otherwise appear are unresponsive. It might provide clues, instructions, or other information, if it knows anything about a Quest.

List of QuestsEdit

Side QuestsEdit

There are many hidden features and quests all throughout Zebedee as well, that will reward a player with XP more than they would normally get from combat.



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