Alchemists are a secret class, rumoured to have the skills required to change ingredients that are harvested around the game and with the help of a lot of research then turn them into powerful potions, scrolls and even wands that they are able to use in battle.

Due to the knowledge and difficulty of this class Alchemists are not suitable for new or inexperienced players as when playing one they require a high degree of in-game knowledge and preparation, although the rewards are great indeed.

Armour and WeaponsEdit

Alchemists have the same armor restrictions as mages, but are capable of wielding slightly higher weapon classes.

Class GuildEdit

The Alchemist guild is located within the city of Sardonyx, to become one you must be a Mage or Thief character, then you must seek out the Guildmaster and complete tasks for him, though rumor has it that he is not the easiest person to get along with.

Suitable RacesEdit

Alchemists have so many tools at their disposal that there is no suitable race, as their many options enable you to overcome any weakness.